Week 2

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Group sing along during activity time to one of our favorite sound tracks; the greatest showman.

We had a great second week of camp! The show is finally casted and we are jumping right in to it. "Colin's Tea Party" and "Martone's Royal Court" are already working so hard so they can have an amazing show. This week we worked closely with our scripts, getting to know our characters. We have created characters based on notes from our directors and our own creative ideas. We are excited to continue working on our music, choreography, and dancing to produce an amazing product at the end of the month.  

Talent Show!

Friday June 28th we had a talent show during activity time! The amount of talent was insane!  Mr Martone, Colin, and all of our camp counselors and friends were blown away by all of the young talent. From singing and dancing, to funny skits and creative art, it was great to experience new and upcoming talent. We got to see each others special talents that we didn't even know about.  It was an awesome day of inspiring and supporting each other!

Have a fun and safe 4th Of July! ~Love Shoreline Theatre Company


  • Off book for lines by Monday(7/8)

  • Off book for lines and music Wednesday(7/10)

  • Practice vocals(click the music note for vocal tracks) 

  • Order tickets (click the star for tickets)

  • Collect sponsorships - Deadline is July 9th. 

Our Funny Quotes

  • *Eddy to Matt P* “For being my best friend, here is this picture I drew…. want me to sign it?”

  • *Logan to Chris* “you don’t look a day over 32”

  • “Chris told us to twerk.” -Mathew L

  • “It looks like a printer that ran out of ink.” -Alex


Theme Days

On Wednesdays we wear PINK​



June 28th: Hawaiian Day

July 12th: Disney Day

July 19th: Broadway Day

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